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If you can answer 'yes' to any of the following questions, then you're in the right place:

  • Do you have existing medical bills from previous medical visits, services or equipment that you cannot pay?

  • Do you need help paying out-of-pocket costs such as high deductibles or copayments?

  • Do you need financial assistance or insurance negotiation for such diverse needs as cancer care, addiction treatment or other chronic conditions?

  • Do you need help paying for prescription drugs or over the counter (OTC) medications?

  • Are you uninsured and need help locating funding and negotiating with healthcare providers to obtain care and treatment?



If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, you've come to the right place. Let's get started.

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Here's how it works:


Step One: Select a Healthcare Specialty

Select the provider type you need.


Step Two: Request Assistance and Advocacy

Once you select the specialty that you need, click on the button 'Get Help Now'.


Step Three: Complete the Application

After you click 'Get Help Now', you will be directed to the application to complete your request for assistance and advocacy. 


Step Four: Submit Documentation (Optional)

If you have any documentation that will assist with the successful processing of your request, you will send it to us during this step.


Step Five: Patient Advocate/ Processing/ Results

You will be assigned your own Dedicated Patient Advocate who will assist you throughout the entire process, working with you, your healthcare team, and - if applicable - your insurance company to obtain the healthy outcomes you need and deserve.


If more than one healthcare provider applies to you (for example, maybe you saw your primary care practice, had an

Emergency Room visit, and received laboratory testing) please choose the 'Other Healthcare Specialties and Services'

option located near the bottom of the page.


Please do not select more than one specialist from the options listed below. Doing so will cause additional charges.


You will be able to request additional assistance and advocacy help at no additional cost later during the application process.


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Breast Cancer

Do you or a loved one suffer from the disease of addiction?

Have insurance benefits been exhausted or are you uninsured?

Blue Cube Medical can help
negotiating with your insurance company, treatment centers or even court systems in order to obtain the treatment needed for this disease.

Hit the button below to find out how.

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Endocrine Cancer

Have a family member that needs hearing aids? Do you have a hearing or speech condition that needs to be evaluated or maintained but don't have enough insurance or the finances to cover the out-of-pocket costs?

We can help out today.

Gastrointestinal Cancer

Has your physician informed you that you need weight loss surgery or other related procedures or surgeries that your insurance won't pay?

Do you have medications with high copays plus existing medical debt from previous weight management programs?


Let us help you out.

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Genitourinary Cancer

Are you preparing to give birth

at a Birthing Center and have a high deductible plan or other out-of-pocket copayments to pay?

Did you initially plan to have your baby at a Birthing Center and ended up with a high bill because of an unexpected hospital stay and need help paying outstanding medical bills?

Click the button below

to get started today.

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Medical Checkup

Gynecologic Cancer

Cancer care is expensive,

no matter your current insurance coverage or personal finances.

Get help with existing/ ongoing medical bills as well as life costs such as home expenses, daycare, food, mortgage/ rent and other day to day costs.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Head and Neck Cancer

Heart disease is one of the worst medical conditions one could have. Paying for it shouldn't be a worry.

If you or a loved have prior or current cardiac issues but don't know how to get the financial assistance you need to pay for outstanding medical debt for previous surgeries or current treatment and medications,

click below to get started.

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Hematologic (Blood) Cancer

Have a major toothache or another oral health concern? Need to see an oral surgeon or general dentist right away but afraid of the high costs involved?

Still owe for previous care?

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Intraocular (Eye) Cancer

Do you or someone you know have a skin concern? Were you recently diagnosed with a skin condition that you may not be able to treat because of the cost - even if you have insurance?

Let Blue Cube Medical help you out starting today.


Lung and Thoracic Cancer

Having trouble keeping your blood sugar levels stabilized?

Were you referred to a diabetes specialist but your insurance has high out-of-pocket costs for visits or is considered 'out of network'?

Need help paying for insulin or other diabetes medications?

We can help. Get started below.

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Neurologic Cancer

Do you need help paying for equipment such as a wheelchair or walker? Do you need ongoing supplies such as ostomy bags, cushions or other needs but Medicare or private insurance is slow paying - if at all?

Blue Cube Medical will work on your behalf with your insurance or provide financial assistance so you or your loved one get the equipment or supplies you need.

Brain Scan
Image by Angélica Echeverry

Skin Cancer

Have an outstanding debt from previous emergency room visits that you are having problems paying? Need help from an expert to review your bills and negotiate the amount of the outstanding balances?  We can help you eliminate or significantly lower those bills in less than week - guaranteed.

Obtain peace of mind today.



Image by National Cancer Institute

Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA)

Are you or your loved one dealing such medical conditions as diabetes and need to visit an endocrinologist on a regular basis but don't have insurance?

Perhaps you have insurance but high out of pocket costs such as deductibles and copays make the costs prohibitive?


Pediatric Cancer

Need to go to the doctor for your ulcer, IBS or other gastrointestinal condition but don't have insurance? Or do you have insurance but the visits are still too high? Do you need help finding quality care?

We can help.


Get help today. Results guranteed or your money back.

We promise that we will obtain the results you need.

If for some reason Blue Cube Medical does not meet our commitment to you for accurate, optimal financial and advocacy services for you or your loved one, we will refund your money.