Minority Health


Do you need urgent or long-term care for your allergy or immunology condition? Need to learn how to best manage your day-to-day care with IVIG infusion therapy for immunodeficiency or injectable treatments for such conditions as asthma? New nebulizers, inhalers or other devices to help you or your loved breathe easier day-to-day or manage emergencies better but your insurance won’t pay for what your doctor suggests?


Let Blue Cube Medical work with you via our Patient Financial Assistance and Advocacy services to pay your outstanding Allergy and Immunology-related medical bills for previous office or ER visits, hospital stays, specific equipment/ supplies, and prescription drugs/ medications. 


We can also help you by negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf to demonstrate why you need certain care and convince them to pay your claims. If you don’t have enough or any insurance, we utilize our database of over 75,000 public, private and other third party financial assistance sources to get what you need to pay for the care you deserve.


Using our Patient Advocacy services, you can find clinical and financial support to address needs such as:


  • obtain expert financial, travel, and insurance negotiation assistance

  • enjoy access to healthcare professionals who specialize in working with special populations and how medical conditions are managed for different individuals

  • medications and new drugs that may not be covered by your insurance (or if you do not insurance how to pay for what you need)

  • local and long distance transportation to/from healthcare provider sites (air, ground)

  • hotel stays for specialist care at other facilities away from your home

  • immediate help for meeting social determinants of care (demographic needs such as housing, utility, and dependent care assistance

  • have better physical and emotional outcomes for your healthcare

  • other clinical and medically-necessary needs related to the treatment and management of your or your loved one’s allergies,immunology or asthma care 


Maybe your insurance didn’t pay as much as you expected. Maybe you do not have insurance so you owe the entire bill. Perhaps you wish to become healthier using specialized services or treatments and you simply cannot afford them. 


Blue Cube Medical is committed to providing high-value patient financial assistance and advocacy services at

an affordable cost for our Clients. 


Guaranteed results. Get help today.

Starting at $99+