What happens when "they" won't pay?

You get injured at work. You have worker's compensation coverage. You take off work, expecting your employer to pay any and all claims you submit, right?

Um...so...guess what? Not necessarily.

Claims are delayed or denied no matter how injured you may be. However, bills are still generated for the treatment you receive and other claims that you may need later down the road for long term health concerns that you may have no one knew about when the injury first occurred.   

Blue Cube Medical is an advocate for the equal treatment of persons of all genders and sexual orientations. With that said, our team works to:

  • help ensure our LGBTQ clients are able to financially access providers that will best service them with the best care available without bias

  • ensure gender and sexual orientation health diversity health housing, transportation and other similar life and social needs are readily available to all of our clients

Workers Compensation