Here's what happens next:

1) You will receive a confirmation email, text message or letter confirming receipt of your application by us.

2) Blue Cube Medical staff reviews your needs within 24 hours* of receipt to determine what we can do *The 24 hour guarantee is based on during our business hours of Monday - Friday. Applications submitted on the weekend will be processed - on or before the following Tuesday.

3) We contact you using one of the following methods: email, phone, or mail (USPS) to let you know how we can help you and the expected cost and payment options.

4) You decide if you want to move forward with patient financial assistance, patient advocacy or both.

5) If you decide you wish to move forward with Blue Cube Medical:

  • Patient Financial Assistance: You are required to either send us your medical records or complete an online comprehensive medical record review yourself. Though you can do this yourself, we are available to perform it on your behalf at no additional cost. 

  • Patient Advocacy: If you are using a flat-rate subscription, you please be aware that you are required to make a payment before we begin. You can either submit your payment online or over the phone with a representative. Upon receipt of payment, we begin the advocacy process working with your insurers, physicians, and additional financial assistance organizations to best guarantee success for you or your loved one.   

  • Patient Financial Assistance and Advocacy: If you signed up for both services, Financial Assistance and Advocacy, we will process both services for you simultaneously (at the same time). You do not pay upfront for Patient Financial Assistance. However, you will be responsible for paying the first month of patient advocacy services upfront prior to Blue Cube Medical can begin.   


6) Blue Cube Medical will require certain documentation from you in order to getting **including sending copies of your bills, insurance information, verification of income. Additionally, applications from third-party organizations that may provide funding towards paying any additional monies towards what you may owe after Blue Cube Medical has completed our billing negotiations will have requirements that may exceed ours.   

7) After Blue Cube Medical receives results, we inform you again**

8) TBD, will need to be recreated*** 

*Medicaid, Medicare and Uninsured. Blue Cube Medical assists all persons no matter their financial status. Medicaid, Medicare, uninsured patients are eligible for our income-based "sliding scale" program. If you or your loved one is uninsured (have no health insurance) or enrolled in Medicaid, Medicare, let us know so we can determine if any discounts apply to your case.


**Billing. If you selected patient financial assistance, we will bill for our services once we complete processing your bill payments. Your payment is required within 15 business days unless you have made other arrangements with us.