How do Blue Cube Medical’s Patient Financial Assistance and Advocacy Services differ from other similar companies?

Number One: Flat Rate Fee Rather Than Hourly: Rather than charging a percentage of 20% or more Blue Cube Medical charges a flat rate for the amount of your bills and depends on how much you owe.

Number Two: No Contract Required.  The amount depends on the medical specialty, rather than the amount of the charge. No matter how much money We understand that certain medical specialties will be more costly than others so we charge our fees based on the average level of complexity related to each specialty rather than an expensive hourly rate.

Number Three: One Company- Two services. Unlike other organizations that perform either Patient Financial Assistance (help in paying medical bills) OR Patient Advocacy Services (help paying for negotiating the services and medications you need but have not received as yet), Blue Cube Medical does both. So, instead of having to work with one organization for Patient Financial Assistance and another for Patient Advocacy, Blue Cube Medical offers both services - at a flat rate within one organization with one representative dedicated solely to you or your loved ones.


Okay, sounds good so far. But how do you do charge a lower amount than other advocates? Will I receive the same quality as those organizations that charge so much more?

Great question. Here's our answer.


Blue Cube Medical uses a combination of industry-standard medical guidelines, public and private clinical databases, our proprietary automated bill error search tool, and our custom predictive analytics and algorithms in order to provide the same-and in many cases more detailed- results without extensive manual work that many advocates utilize. 

By automating these efforts, you or your loved receives the results you need much quicker- and a much lower cost to you. 


Of course, we still use good old-fashioned phone calls, faxes, and other similar methods when necessary. However, by automating over 60 -70% of the standard steps involved in patient financial assistance and advocacy, we save time, effort and subsequently money when supporting our clients’ urgent needs.


To be clear, we do not find anything wrong with other business entities that provide patient financial assistance or patient advocacy services. We simply have found a way to utilize internal expertise to streamline both activities, saving precious time, effort and costs that we can pass on to our clients who are in need of help but cannot afford $100+ an hour for the same results.


Exactly how does it work?

We'll explain our process to you:


  1. Complete the application. You can do this online or set up an appointment and have a Blue Cube Medical Patient Advocate complete it on your behalf. (Please note: If you are in a rush, you will save time by completing the application online yourself).

  2. Fees. Once you complete the application, be sure to pay your required fee so we can begin processing your application. If you select a payment plan, please make your agreed-upon payment amount.

  3. Upload, fax or mail the required documentation. At the end of the application, you will receive a list of documents that will be required before we can start processing your application. Examples of documentation we usually request are: 

  • any bills that you wish for us to negotiate on your behalf

  • perhaps a copy of your health insurance policy (to be sure your claims have not been denied and should have been covered).

  • contact information of your physician(s) (or hospital billing departments, etc.)

  • others depending on your needs


 4. Your dedicated Blue Cube Advocate is assigned to you. You receive one dedicated Blue Cube Advocate throughout the assistance and advocacy process. This person is responsible for you or your loved one's needs whether that request is for one month or longer.  She or he will stay in contact with you via phone, secure email or secure text messaging to keep you informed about everything that occurs with your physician, insurance company, travel/lodging needs, and any other requests you may have. 

5. Your Blue Cube Advocate processes your application. Blue Cube Medical searches for billing errors, over 9,000 medical conditions, illnesses, and procedures on your or your loved one's behalf. Additionally we look for any cost-reductions we can negotiate with your insurance company. 

Lastly, we use our proprietary manufacturer and government databases consisting of over 7500 prescription, over the counter and other drugs, medical equipment, and supplies for financial assistance to locate what you or your loved one needs. 

If you requested assistance for social, travel/lodging, clinical trials or other assistance your decided Patient Advocate will work on your behalf for these needs based on where you live, your work status, and other requirements to create the best results possible. 


6. Your Advocate creates your Plan of Action. Your Plan of Action is a step-by-step guide to what we will do to meet your needs. This document is one of the most important tools we provide to you. It shows you everything we have done, will do, and what you will need to do in order to accomplish your goals. It shows you everything we have done, will do and what you will need to do in order to accomplish your healthcare outcome and financial goals.  This Plan of Action is provided to you within 24-72 business hours after you complete your application unless you requested expedited care (our 24-hour Guaranteed Turnaround).

7. You Approve your custom Plan of Action. Once the plan is created, your dedicated Blue Cube Medical Patient Advocate will either schedule a call with you to walk through the Plan or simply send it to you via secure email, fax or USPS (standard mail). How you receive it is your choice. We suggest a call, but it is your choice.

8. You and your Advocate work together to pursue your Plan of Action. Be it working with your insurance company to get a claim denial reversed, setting you up for travel and hotel for a clinical trial out of state, being sure that your household bills are getting paid while you are out of work for medical and more, Blue Cube Medical is your partner in this complication process from begging to end.

9. Repeat and Follow Up. Many of our clients have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, paralysis, among thousands of others that will stay with them for several months or perhaps even a lifetime. Our services will not change, nor will our prices. The price you pay when you start will be the price you play as long as you are a client of ours. Even if you have one-time advocacy need such as a traumatic accident, single surgery or major test or procedure not covered by insurance at all, Blue Cube Medical will provide the same financial assistance and advocacy services payments on your behalf today as well as next year. 


How long does it take for you to process my application?

After you completed the application and sent in the documentation we have requested, it will take us approximately 24 - 72 business hours to process your application and send you our Plan of Action.


Please note: The 24 - 72-hour timeframe applies only when you have sent us ALL the documentation requested (bills, letters from your insurance company, etc.). Once we receive all the requested documentation from you or your representative, we will finish processing your application.


And don’t worry, we keep in communication with you throughout the process via email and/or phone.

If there is a specific expedited request (for example, emergency addiction treatment , special surgery, etc.), please let us know. Upon approval, we will contact you, complete your application, and reach out to your healthcare providers within one business day.


If I no longer need your services, can I cancel?

Of course. We do not have contracts. You pay one month at a time (or if you are on a payment plan, every two weeks). You are only responsible for the first month of unlimited services unless you change your mind. 

If you decide to cancel, just send us a message to subscriptions@bluecubemedical. com. We will be sure not to bill you again.


If I have Medicare or Medicaid, can I participate?

Yes. In fact, Medicare and Medicaid clients are allowed a discounted payment of $89 AND the option to use a special payment plan of $44.50 every two weeks of unlimited financial assistance and advocacy services from Blue Cube Medical. 

As you complete your application, make sure you select the option to select whether you have Medicare or Medicaid so any price adjustments can be made on your behalf.


I am uninsured. Can you help? Do you charge more?

Yes, we can help anyone, no matter their insurance status. We never charge more for uninsured clients. Our pricing remains the same as if you were currently enrolled in an insurance plan. 

Uninsured clients receive the same care, services, and assistance, as an insured client. The only difference is that Blue Cube Medical does not contact an insurance company on your behalf. If you want, we will help you find a private insurance company that will help you pay any monthly insurance premiums on your behalf- at no additional charge. 

Is my data secure?

Yes. Blue Cube Medical protects your personal information with industry standard SSL and encryption, so your data is always safe and secure.

Do you require my social security number to process my information?

Your social security number is not required to process your information. However in order to obtain certain insurance negotiation services and third party financial assistance, you will need to have your social security number available. 

Our entire team is trained in patient data security and have been background checked to ensure compliance in managing your medical records.

However if your are not comfortable providing this information to your dedicated Blue Cube Medical Advocate, he or she will provide the necessary instructions and paperwork for you to submit the application on your own.

Who do you use to process payments?

We use SquareUp, and industry leader in payment processing.

What if you are not able to help me? Will you give me a refund?

Not the right fit? We offer a 30-day Guarantee. 

We simply ask that you give us 30 days to provide the services we promised you. If you are not satisfied in that timeframe, let us know. 


You may cancel and we'll automatically refund you down to your last penny. Period.