Advocacy, Assistance, or Both:

You Decide.

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Select the option that works best
for you need below:
Do It Yourself Online
(Self- Service)
If you plan to use your computer, phone or tablet with our HIPAA-compliant application to complete your request for assistance or advocacy, select from
the two options below.
Application for
Patient Financial Assistance and Advocacy
Takes approximately
9 -15 minutes to complete
Let Blue Cube Do It
(Self- Service)
If you prefer to have one of our specialists help you complete your application request for advocacy or assistance, select one of the four options below to schedule a time to speak with a representative from Blue Cube Medical 
via phone or secure chat.
Combined Patient Financial
Assistance or Advocacy
Takes approximately
15 - 30 minutes to complete your call or chat

This comprehensive version of our application provides options for both financial assistance and advocacy as well as additional aid such as medical equipment, financial options for social care such as housing, insurance premium payments or other similar needs.


You can use your discount or promo code

in this form. Additionally, you have the option of selecting a payment plan as well.

Select this option to schedule your 

secure call or chat session with a

Blue Cube Medical Financial Assistance Specialist

Do you have both existing medical bills and have an ongoing need for advocacy services with your medical providers? Patient Advocacy?

Select this option to schedule your secure call or chat session with a

Blue Cube Medical Patient Advocacy Specialist.

Please be patient.

It may take a few seconds

for your application to load.

You can select the option of speaking with a representative or using our secure, HIPAA-compliant chat session to complete your request for assistance.