Arthritis Programs and Clinics


Let Blue Cube Medical work with you via our Patient Financial Assistance and Advocacy services to pay your outstanding arthritis-related medical bills for previous office or ER visits, hospital stays, specific equipment/ supplies, and prescription drugs/ medications. 


Maybe your Insurance didn’t pay as much as you expected. Maybe you do not have insurance so you owe the entire bill. Maybe you just don’t go get the Care you need because you believe you can’t afford it AND you can’t get there. 


If you do not have any outstanding bills, perhaps you wish to become healthier and experience a better quality of life by receiving specialized services or treatments such as pain injections, joint-replacement surgeries, cutting edge non-surgical services and your insurance will not cover the cost. If you are uninsured, maybe you simply cannot afford it.


Using Blue Cube Medical’s Patient Advocacy services, we work with your insurance company, doctors, and third party financial assistance organizations to locate and provide clinical and financial support on your behalf to address such conditions and needs as:


  • hip, wrist, ankle, and elbow fractures

  • joint replacement

  • home modifications

  • injections, spinal procedures, and other interventions 

  • osteoarthritis 

  • musculoskeletal disorders 

  • osteoporosis

  • rehabilitation (including therapies to reduce pain, improve mobility, strength and flexibility)

  • mobility devices such as scooters and wheelchairs

  • rheumatoid arthritis and more




Blue Cube Medical is committed to providing high-value patient financial assistance and advocacy services at an affordable cost for our Clients. 


Get help today. Guaranteed results.